True passive income

The hard truths, tools and mindset you need to build up true passive income without falling prey to dream merchants and con artists along the way.


There is no such thing as fully passive income.

There will ALWAYS be an active component required to manage any income stream. Many that seek passive income end up working more than before, effectively switching careers instead of being able to actually stop working.


You will not get rich quick.

It will take the average hard-working focused person 30 years to attain true financial freedom through passive income. With due diligence, the right mindset and healthy portion of luck, this can be shortened to a mere 7-15 years.

Outliers and exceptions to this statement exist, but is as unlikely as winning the lottery.


You will probably not even get "rich".

Financial freedom is merely about attaining an income that is higher than your living expenses, allowing you stop trading your time for money.

For most people, this requires maintaining or cutting down on expenses and life style, so don't expect to be able to own expensive cars or employ a lavish life style just because you have some passive income streams.


A few hours of dedication per week is not enough

You will need to attain new skills and experiences to get where you want to be, and this process will take at least around 10.000 hours of dedicated work. If you only put in, say, 3 hours per week towards this goal, it will take you 64 years just to learn necessary new skills and experiences.


Yes, they are, but building up sources of income that is not bound 1:1 to how much time you invest is still worth it.

So, how is it done, for real?

It all starts with a plan

Passive income requires long term planning and strategy. Will you focus on increasing your salary, cutting down on expenses, building a business, investing in real estate or something else altogether? The chosen path has to be able to yield greater income than what is possible by trading your time for money.

Whatever you choose, we help you identify the true active components and upfront investments required to ensue a particular path, allowing you to take the most strategic path for your circumstances.

Playing the long game

This is a game of long term strategy and perseverance. Along the way, you will need to follow up on your progress so that potential issues can be identified early.

We help you find the right tools and methods to make sure you stay on the right track.

Don't fall prey to the dream merchants!

There is so much bullshit coaching, education, products and "opportunities" advertised on the internet, promising new passive income streams, more time with the kids, early retirement etc in a short few years. These claims are most often made by unethical sales organisations that have no interest in you actually attaining financial freedom.

We help you see through marketing and sales tactics designed to part you from your money, so that you can stay focused on the tools and services that does not have a conflict of interest with your future dreams.

Stay happy along the way

The path is long and arduous, but should also be exciting and fun! This may sound cheesy and cliche, but very often the journey is even more important than the destination...

We help you plan properly so that financial freedom later in life is never offset by unhappiness today.

Succeed where others fail

A couple of years from now, you will notice a trend of how those following long term strategies are on steady progress towards a life-changing passive income while friends and acquaintances that have followed advice from dream merchants and con artists will have run into unsurpassable challenges and surrendered their dreams.

We help you identify the hidden risks along the way, so that you get where you want to be and not giving up!

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